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Life Insurance

With the advent of the modern Internet it has never been easier to find the best life insurance policy to fit your needs. Online you can investigate dozens of different companies and even get free quotes without ever leaving the comfort of your own home or have to talk to a sales person.

Even with all of this information available right at your fingertips you still need to use some common sense and have a little bit of knowledge to find the best solution for your unique situations. The information below should help prepare you for finding the insurance policy that best fits your needs.

The very first decision you will need to make is to decide if which type of insurance will best fit your needs. The two most common types of insurance available today are whole life insurance and term life insurance.

Whole life insurance, just as the name implies will remain in affect for your entire life. Provided that you continue to pay your premiums or that the policy has enough cash value to sustain itself. Whole life insurance will almost always cost more for the same amount of coverage than term life insurance. There is a cash value aspect associated with whole life policies. The cost of the monthly payment in excess of the actual amount required to cover the actual cost of the monthly premium is invested.

Since whole life premiums will have a cash value under certain circumstance it can be possible to take a loan out against the value of the policy. You need to keep in mind though that if you take a loan out not only will you be losing any potential interest that you could be gaining with that money you could also incur tax liabilities. You might also have to pay taxes if the value of the policy is higher than the premium.

Term life insurance is only in affect for a set period of time, this time period is known as the contract period. You will find that the premiums for term life insurance will be significantly cheaper than the premiums on a whole life policy for the same amount of coverage.

A term policy will never have any cash value, it is worth the amount of the coverage if the insured person dies during the contract period. If the contract expires with out the policy being exercised then there is no value and no benefit is paid out.

Term life insurance is often used by people with families to cover the expenses of raising children if one of the parents were to die unexpectedly. It is purchased to cover the time period when the children are still dependent on their parents for financial support. For many people after their children are grown and independent they find that the level of coverage they need to carry is reduced.

Once you have determined which type of insurance is most suitable for your situation the next question is to determine how much coverage to purchase. Coverage amount will be discussed in the next issue of this series.

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